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Cryptos OTC is a High Frequency Crypto Arbitrage Trading Platform. The most trusted crypto-native financial platform. So start building your crypto empire today.

About COTPS Arbitrage Trading

With COTPS, Cryptos OTC Trading Platform Service, you will enjoy high-frequency trading services and secure fund management at COTP exchange.

You will have flexible allocation of Gain purchasing power across all accounts for seamless cross-market investing.

COTP Exchange

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Real-time pending order quotation, multi-level data of buy and sell orders and timely grasp of the latest price trends. Register now »

24/7 Wealth Generation

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What COTPS Users Are Saying

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Johnny Baker

Johnny Baker


COTPS's Arbitrage Trading earnings is great, but sharing this with other's would be more rewarding.

Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews

Member COTPS

My Passive Daily income on this Platform has been Awesome by allowing COTPS to Trade for Me on auto-pilot.